Looking for that rich in culture, yet easy on the pocket budget trip? If yes, then READ ON

Most of us like to talk about the places we vacationed in, we also like to talk about the cities in our bucket list that we would like to explore next. For a lot of people from around the world, Europe is the ultimate destination, because why not? the continent is blessed with a scenic […]


Why is India celebrating September 6, 2018?

Hello world. To all you lovelies out there, How are you doing? I hope you’re doing good because now is the time to put on your party hats and celebrate India’s LGBTQ community¬†who are FINALLY LEGALLY FREE to choose their partners!!!! Now is the perfect time to celebrate our brothers and sisters who have been […]


Ice for eyes : A poem

Being a poet at heart, it is impossible to express how I feel about human eyes in a sentence that falls short of “poetic”, so lets skip to the part where I’m actually being poetic, and I hope that you will see the humor in that. The famous saying goes: “the winner takes it all” […]

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