Why is India celebrating September 6, 2018?

Why is India celebrating September 6, 2018?

Hello world.

To all you lovelies out there, How are you doing?

I hope you’re doing good because now is the time to put on your party hats and celebrate India’s LGBTQ community who are FINALLY LEGALLY FREE to choose their partners!!!! Now is the perfect time to celebrate our brothers and sisters who have been oppressed under the tyranny of an off skew law (Article 377) that up until today had restricted their fundamental right/freedom to love. Today is a day to celebrate because as of today, Homosexuality is decriminalized in India, which is to say, that just like you and me, the LGBTQ community of India is now legally free to choose their partners, and whats more beautiful than that?

Under Article 377 of the Indian Constitution, homosexuals in India were discriminated against, solely based on their sexual orientation, thus stripping them of their right to equal citizenship and equal protection of laws. However, this law was overturned in a landmark judgement on September 6, 2018, when the Supreme Court of India decriminalized Homosexuality, thus enabling people of the LGBTQ community to live fully and freely.

All said and done, I am beyond elated for I am a die-hard enthusiast of  Love. I believe that Love is a God-sent blessing, that it is pure and divine. Love is an emotion that cannot be forced and no matter how much we fight it, it is not something that we can choose to do or not do. We are not the architects of our emotional inclinations and neither should we be ostracized by the society and the heterosexual majority for loving someone who happens to be from the same sex.

For what good is choice, if we cannot exercise it?

What good is love if we cannot choose who we love?



Here is a poem in picture format to complement the spirit of this article. Feel free to visit me on my instagram page: abstract.musings for more love and more poetry from me.

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