Ice for eyes : A poem

Ice for eyes : A poem

Being a poet at heart, it is impossible to express how I feel about human eyes in a sentence that falls short of “poetic”, so lets skip to the part where I’m actually being poetic, and I hope that you will see the humor in that.

The famous saying goes: “the winner takes it all” but what they don’t tell us is that: our eyes shows it all, that they are in actuality, the windows to our soul. It is indeed our eyes, that gives us away; it tells people stories that we are too afraid to say. So, it makes you sit and wonder, what good is our tongue? when our tongues we do not need, to communicate our thoughts, for the only window to our soul, is all we need to say it all. 

To add that extra flavor to my thoughts on heartbreak and eyes, here goes a poem of mine that I have titled “Ice for eyes: a poem” in a picture format.

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Ice for eyes – a poem
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