Looking for that rich in culture, yet easy on the pocket budget trip? If yes, then READ ON

Most of us like to talk about the places we vacationed in, we also like to talk about the cities in our bucket list that we would like to explore next. For a lot of people from around the world, Europe is the ultimate destination, because why not? the continent is blessed with a scenic beauty like no other. But what do you do when you have been to every nook and corner of the continent and would want to explore somewhere else? perhaps some place more exotic? more ancient? perhaps more pocket friendly too?

What if I were to tell you that there are cities out there that have unparalleled richness in its culture and history that are yet to be explored? What if I told you that not only do such under-rated cities exist but that they are so affordable that you will perhaps end up saving most of your vacation money which you can then splurge on treating yourself to that fancy shoes from Steve Madden that you always wanted but were too broke to actually afford it?

Turns out, that there exists such places and I happen to have written about it too! Click on that link below to find out all about New Delhi, a city that I practically grew up in and learn all about it from the eyes of a local who practically lives and breathes the city and recognizes its very soul.

Check out that link below to find out all about that affordable trip that will take your breath away!



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